As one of the most rapidly evolving areas of dentistry, orthodontics involves the use of corrective appliances, including braces and retainers, to straighten teeth and/or repair an irregular bite. Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service at a orthodontic price you can afford.

We accept all dental insurances and provide you with many financial options. To find out more information on orthodontic treatment or TMJ therapy, you can contact us at (818)-718-1737 to speak with one of our treatment coordinator.

Patient Care

We treat our patients the way we treat our family, with kindness and exceptional care. We are solely an orthodontic practice, allowing our focus always to be on the orthodontic treatment of our patients. We have highly trained staff that are knowledgeable in orthodontics and utilize top of the line equipment. Many of our highly trained orthodontic team members have doctorate degrees. We practice out of a variety of locations to provide convenience for our patients.


"Before I went to see Dr. Rudolph, my jaw was always in pain and I had constant headaches. I did not have the ability to open my mouth wide enough and my jaw used to open sideways. Until I started undergoing his TMJ therapy treatment. And now I can open my mouth wide enough to chew my food without any jaw pain. Thanks goodness, I went to see the doctor before it got worst!"

- Marion Balcon (Age:25)
"I feel respected every time I walk into your office. I fell it is an efficient and trusting way to do services and I am statisfied. The phone calls and follow up support make my orthodontic experience a comfortable one. They are doing a great service for me and I appreciate it."

- Kevin Braverman (Age:18)
"I enjoyed the visits to Dr. Rudolph's office. Everyone is so friendly and you feel so welcome. Thank you Dr. Rudolph for giving my song a great smile."

-Zaida Gonzales for Jazee Gonsales (Age:10)
"I love Dr.Rudolph's office. the staff is really friendly and very helpful. Their services are great, the staff explained in detail the treatment my daughter would receive and let me know how long she would be in it. I appreciate everything that is being done to help my daughter have a wonderful smile."

-Yvy Garcia for Kelly Portillo (Age:11)
"Our experience with Dr. Rudolph and his staff have always been very good. They are always kind and courteous. Our questions are always answered when needed. And most importantly, we are happy with the result."

-Cynthia Howell for Brittanie Howell (Age:12)
"Dr.Rudolph is really attentive, efficient and great doctor. Every time we go for our visit, the treatment and the way we are seen is excellent. Very good doctor."

-Irma Hurtado for Dulce Hurtado (Age:10)

Orthodontics: Why Choose Us?

  • Dr. Rudolph's expertise in orthodontics, tmj therapy and dentistry
  • A highly qualified and knowledgeable orthodontic team
  • Excellence in orthodontic treatment options
  • Flexible payment options at the lower cost
  • One of the few Specialist for TMJ Treatment

Why Get Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Avoid large future dental bills
  • Fix bones and allow room for teeth to grow
  • Improve Oral health and dental hygiene
  • Avoid tooth Extractions and Oral Surgery
  • Straighten Teeth with Braces
  • Better health & digestion
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Change facial symmetry
  • Avoid Oral Diseases or Cancers